Friday, February 23, 2018

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Salt Water Conversions

At J&M pool services, we encourage all of our customers to use salt rather than chlorine. Why is this? Here is why…

Salt-Water vs. Chlorine

  • Chlorine prices increase every year while the price of salt continues to drop
  • Salt is softer on your skin.
  • With salt, NO more hazardous storage of chlorine/shock
  • With salt, NO more smells of chloramines
  • With salt, NO more yellow hair or burning eyes
  • With salt, NO more low chlorine levels--- i.e. NO MORE GREEN POOLS!

Are salt pools salty like the Ocean?


Ocean water has a salt content of approximately 35,000 parts per million.
The human taste threshold for salt is approximately 3,500 parts per million.
Salt pools have a salt content of approximately 3,200 parts per million.
That means you will NOT taste the salt in your pool.
Swimming in a salt pool is much more like taking a bath in soft water.
Chlorine pools irritate your eyes and dry your skin out.
Salt pools leave you feeling smooth and refreshed.

Salt Systems we can provide:
Hayward AquaRite
Jandy AquaPure
Pentair Intellichlor

Call J&M Pool Services to see how you can move to salt today